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Hi everyone. I have a question related to Shopify and Discourse We’re developing a new shopify website for our products and we want to incorporate a forum to provide support for customers as well as a discussion platform. Our product manager is concerned that although there is oAuth2 connections between Discourse and Shopify, it seems that if a user creates an account on the discourse end, that it doesn’t allow them user to purchase items on shopify seamlessly, meaning they’ll have to re-register when prompted.

Does anyone have any direct experience in this? I’m not a developer - more on the marketing side, but it’s frustrating as our developers say it isn’t possible, but guides online say it is. Any help would be highly appreciated!

Thanks in advance!

There is a site setting in Discourse which allows you to disable the local login/registration system, and force people to use OAuth2. I think that should resolve your problem (anyone logged into discourse must have already registered on the identity provider)


Hi David.

Thanks for your reply. How about this situation then;

A user visits the website - they’re not registered. They check out the forum, and want to ask a question - so they register there. After that, they come back to the website a few days later to buy a product. Would that original registration with OAuth2, connect with Shopify, meaning they could then purchase products without making a new account?

That would work, right?

Thanks for your help!

If you disable local login/registration, then that would be impossible. Registration must always be performed on the identity provider (but there will be a link from Discourse). Using this method, the identity provider is responsible for all the user data, and you don’t need to worry about synchronising anything.


Right, I’m with you. I think that clears that up.

Thanks again

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@david I think Shopify doesn’t allow customer logins via oAuth I’ve spent quite some time figuring this out and made up that their oAuth only allows shop owners to log into 3rd party applications. I can be wrong but would really appreciate if you could point me to right documentation (if you’re aware of any) that guides the process to allow oAuth for customers.


Oh, you are probably correct - I don’t have any specific information about Shopify.

A quick google seems to confirm what you said - the OAuth is only for shop owners. @Dane2 you may want to check whether that affects your plans. If you have a way to use OAuth for customers, that would be very useful!


Okay David. We’re looking into it with our backend team; hopefully we’ll find a solution. Thanks for the help

Did you ever figure this out?

What I figured out was the fact that it isn’t possible to implement oauth for Shopify customers.


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