Shopify Integration


Discourse has intergration with many social login methods already, and it’s very nice.

Can it intergrates with e-commerce platforms like Shopify so users of an existing e-commerce community can login via the same account everywhere for that company?

Example: uses the same login everywhere throughout their site.


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(Sam Saffron) #2

Shopify supports oauth2 GitHub - Shopify/omniauth-shopify-oauth2: Shopify OAuth2 Strategy for OmniAuth 1.0 it is possible you could simply use our existing oauth2 plugin for it. Otherwise someone could build a plugin for it.



Thanks, where can I find existing oauth2 plugin for Discourse? I’m new and recently just bought Discourse standard plan.

And does oauth2 plugin for discourse supported on Hosted Discourse version, standard plan?


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(Vinoth Kannan) #4

I guess this one OAuth2 Basic Support


(Jeff Atwood) #5

For our hosting, OAuth 2 is only supported on the business plan and higher.

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Ah I see. I’d love to upgrade to it if I know for sure it works with Shopify user accounts. Can you let me know please? i’m not familiar with OAuth2 documentation.


(James Houston) #7

How could i integrate my email service with discourse. Currently i have created a shopify store for dropshipping purpose and i write those steps as a article. So i need to know about email integration which i will also add in article. i will also share article that i have written. After 6 days no one response me you can see where my friend write too many education content for drop-shipping and their platform so if you are willing then please let me know.


(Blake Erickson) #8

I’m not aware of any existing plugins that have the functionality you are looking for, but Discourse has several options for interfacing with other apps like MailChimp, ConvertKit, or Shopify. You could use webhooks, the api, and/or the data explorer to gather the email addresses you are looking for and send them to your email service. Also a custom plugin could also be created.


(Jared Ebersole) #9

Hey guys, I was wondering if there were any articles showing how to add discourse to my Shopify store. (

Any pointers would be awesome!


(Kris) #10

There really isn’t a concept of “adding” Discourse to an existing site. You create a Discourse site, and then link to it from your existing site.

Here’s a rough overview of what that process would look like:

You’d set up a Discourse site in its own environment (hosted with us or self-hosted with Digital Ocean or any other compatible hosting service).

You’d then setup the DNS with your domain registrar so your forum can be accessed at

You can optionally install and configure an OAuth2 plugin so that your customers can log in to Discourse with their Shopify account.

Then it’s a matter of including a link to your forum from your store and including a link to your store from the forum — you can also optionally theme your Discourse site to match the design of your Shopify store too.


(Jared Ebersole) #11

Awesome, thank you so much Kris! Very helpful

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(Carson) #12

Hi @electricjared,

If you want to sell products in your Shopify store that can then be accessed in your Discourse site in private Categories, you could talk to @joebuhlig about building a technical integration between the two.

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