Should be able to style based on emoji group

In my case, I have back SVGs that I need to invert in dark mode. I can’t style based on group so I have to append an underscore to the end of the emojis that I need to invert.

I think that’s more feature-related than a bug, so I’ve moved the topic…

This is discussed here:

Also, can you explain a bit the underscore thing? I’m not sure what you mean. You have two versions of an emoji (dark and light) named like :emoji:, clearly visible on a light theme, and an alternative :emoji_: more suitable for the dark theme?

@media (prefers-color-scheme: dark) {
    img.emoji[title$="_:"] {
    filter: invert(1)

I have a series of black SVG emojis that are now inverted when in dark mode. You can see the icons here:

Because I have a ton of other emojis established that I do not want to invert, I append the “_” value to the end of those emojis.


:pencil_: **Edit** – Allow editing the currently selected record

:plus_: **Add** – Create a new record in the related table

:search_: **Search** – Search for records in the related table

This allows me to maintain the icons I do not wish to invert:

Thanks for your help!