Should forwarded messages include all mentions in the PM topic?

I remember some feature discussion of handling of forwarded messages and magically making sense of them.

A few minutes ago I forwarded a message that a customer had sent me to support with some background information about the customer and my interaction with them. It seems that the information which I had intended only for @support was also forwarded to the customer.

It wasn’t what I expected.

I’m not really following here. You didn’t expect all the email replies to get forwarded along? In a normal email client that’s what happens. It’s one giant long glued together string of emails, as it has been since 1970.

No in email if you forward something to one user if goes to one user.

What happened was that I forwarded to support a bunch of emails from someone else with a note asking to take extra care, but my note, which was intended only for support was also forwarded to that user.

If I forward user a"s message to user b, I don’t expect user a to know about it.

Why forward a bunch of emails? That seems risky. Why not cut and paste the specific thing you want to send? I guess I just don’t understand the logic here, because forwarding is such an inherently risky activity – it includes all email history in one giant ASCII sludge-pile.

Even if I had carefully included only a single salient message, it appears that if a single From: line had been in it the message would have been forwarded to that user. I won’t forward a message to DIscourse again, but this was not expected behavior.

Just to clarify, you forwarded an email that you got from Discourse?