Should I have regular web pages too?

(Donald Swofford) #1

Question part A. Some marketing folks have recommended I implement some regular web pages such as a call to action to explain the forum and an FAQ and contact page. How do you all feel about that? is there some smooth discourse UX way of doing these pages or should I just separate them? I do notice discourse itself has separate about and contact call to action pages.

my website is its a forum for cast iron cookware enthusiasts.

Question part B. is if you think I should have separate pages is there a way discourse can look like a plain html page and have a menu that is relatively easy to implement? it seems like a hassle to install WordPress to make a contact and about us page.

(Jeff Atwood) #2

I would say this is generally recommendable, yes. The first step is to move your Discourse to a subdomain like


to make room for