Should I set TL4 for staff users (moderators)?

(ThiefMaster) #1

I just checked in my forum and some of our staff members are set as moderators but just have TL2. Is there any reason why I should / should not grant them TL4 as well? I guess being a moderator overrides all TL-based restrictions anyway?

(Paula Kreuzer) #2

Yes, as a moderator it doesn’t matter which trust level you have. You have all moderator abilities anyway.
You can lock moderators at TL4 (for consistency) or decide to leave them unlocked and where they are (to have a better overview of how active they are). It’s up to you.

(cpradio) #3

Just realize that if you do set them to TL4, they are locked into the Trust Level, so if you ever remove their their Moderator abilities, be sure to unlock their Trust Level and lower it too (if you do not want them to retain extra privileges).

(Jay Pfaffman) #4

Oh. Hooray! On a site where I’m admin (but not really a participant) they regularly pm tl4 rather than use moderation tools. Thanks to this thread I now know that admin and tl4 aren’t the same thing. I think that I can now not get those notifications!

(Christoph) #5

A reason for not touching staff trust levels might be that you give them the experience of earning their trust levels just like everyone else.


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