Levels and Staff roles

I feel there must be a doc somewhere I’m missing but I’m stumped so asking here

I want to get my head around levels - what are the choices to be made around levels. What are the categories of permissions controlled by levels.

As well as

Staff roles - what do the roles give Staff permission to do. And how do these permissions intersect with the permissions controlled by the user’s level.

Thank you!

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Check Description of various user states in Discourse (Admin / Moderator / Staff / Developer / Other )

Check Understanding Discourse Trust Levels


This is PERFECT thank you. My takeaway is that while there are some global permissions that Moderators get, some permissions still require a particular trust level.

So a L1 Moderator…

  • Immune to rate limits
  • Can process flags and posts held in the moderation queue
  • Can delete topics and posts, split topics, merge topics, hide topics and so on.
  • Can view user info including email address
  • Can suspend, silence, anonymize and delete users
  • Can adjust a user’s trust level

But can’t

  • Edit their own posts for up to 30 days after posting (L2 permission)
  • Recategorize and rename topics (L3 permission)


Nope, staff permissions should trump the TL, so moderators can edit and rename.