Should it be possible to flag a closed issue?

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I just tried to flag this closed issue (the problem happened again) and received a 500 error on meta.

Should the flag button be disabled, or should flags be allowed on closed topics, or ?


I wonder if this was due to a deployment issue. Meta is deployed very frequently throughout the day. Can you try again?

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No 500 error this time.

I receive this notice: You are not permitted to view the requested resource. so, I assume that it was flagged?

No, that would be a 403 (permission error). So I don’t think it was.

Right, but I can’t tell if I can’t see the topic I created (which is most likely) the case.

In any case, I’m guessing that either a better error message is due, or the preventing me from trying to flag a closed issue.

@techapj can you make sure that flagging a closed topic is possible?

Are you flagging a post, or via the topic flag button?

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I’m clicking the Flag button at the bottom of a closed topic, choosing “Something else” and then entering in a brief reason why I’m flagging the topic. (in this case, suggesting that it be re-opened as the initial problem is back)

I am unable to repro this on latest version.

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I just tried to reply to

Newly approved members remain visible after approval

and got:

I don’t know if the message was created

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I flagged that post as TL1 user, chose “Something Else” entered the message and I was successfully able to do so. The post was flagged and new message was created.

Okay, I can repro the issue. I was clicking on flag icon below the post instead of the Flag button at the bottom of a topic.


Fixed :bug:


Is this resolved @techapj?