Should losing group membership unlock trust level?

Continuing the discussion from Discourse Patreon Integration:

I think this should be handled in core, since it’s just default group membership behavior.

However it’s very tricky, because for example:

  1. User is TL1
  2. User get into Patreon, patron group has been configured to give TL3 in this site
  3. User exits Patreon, plugin removes from group
  4. User still TL3 because trust level is locked automatically.
  5. Admin unlocks trust level, user becomes TL2. (Not TL1, you can’t get demoted from TL2 without locked TL).

Should Discourse unlock trust level on group exit by default? As an option? Only if group TL is active? What if it was but isn’t anymore?


What is the problem? Seems like simply unlocking trust level should work. Does the user need to be forced down to TL0 or something?

The user could had his trust level locked by other reasons, like:

  • Manual lock

  • Membership in another group

This seems… unlikely?

Manually managing the unlocking of trust levels is impossible when coupled with something like the Patreon plugin. Users fall off, their cards get declined, etc.

That’s my current use case for bringing this up anyway, there may be others.

It seems like trust level should be locked while you have membership to a group.