Can Trust Levels be assigned & what happens with them when a user leaves

Hi there,

I am in the process of creating a new community with Discourse (btw, amazing job guys :slight_smile: ) and I have a few questions about trust levels:

  1. Is it possible to assing manually a TL to a certain user?
  2. If a user has a TL3 and decides to leave the community, what happens with his content? And, if another person enters the community in his place, is it possible to transfer to the new user the same level of trust? So, basically my question is if it’s possible to transfer TLs.

Thank you in advance for the help :hugs:

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  1. As a staff member (admin or moderator) you can manually adjust a users trust level.

  2. If a user leaves their posts stay. If they leave at TL3 after some time they will be demoted to TL2 as they aren’t reaching the TL3 requirements.


Ok, thanks. Think I got that right, but probably will keep popping up around here for some more help.

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