Should trust level 4 be able to pin a sitewide banner?

I see the banner feature as a Staff only feature, since it basically highlights sitewide a message.
Can pin topic as banner be disabled for anyone other than staff? Thank you.

They are level 4 because I need them to be able to “moderate” their own boards, but I would not want them to post a sitewide banner.

I’m ok with them pinning posts under their own assigned boards, but not pin globally or set banners.

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Per category moderation is coming, but it isn’t here yet.

You’re using TL4 for something outside its purpose, so it’s not going to behave the way you want it to.

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Thank you sir. I Look forward for this feature.

I actually support the request that TL4 not be able to do a sitewide banner pin. Can you add that to your list low-pri @techAPJ?


I experimented a bit with hiding some actions from Trust Level 4 back in Dec 2017. Not perfect but it might be good enough as a temporary approach. eg. Choose selectors as per need.

/* personal messages display none wrench leaders */
  body:not(.staff):not(.archetype-regular) .toggle-admin-menu { 
    display: none;
/* personal messages display none individual buttons leaders */ 
/* pin and archive are n/a */
  body:not(.staff):not(.archetype-regular) .topic-admin-multi-select 
, body:not(.staff):not(.archetype-regular) .topic-admin-close 
, body:not(.staff):not(.archetype-regular) .topic-admin-visible {
    display: none; 
/* topics display none individual buttons leaders */ 
/* topic-admin-close and topic-admin-visible not in this example set */
  body:not(.staff):not(.archetype-private_message) .topic-admin-multi-select 
, body:not(.staff):not(.archetype-private_message) .topic-admin-pin 
, body:not(.staff):not(.archetype-private_message) .topic-admin-archive {
    display: none; 

Done via:

Only staff users will now be able to add or remove banner.


Thank you so much, I believe it’s gonna be available in the upcoming beta?

Sure, it will be. If you’re on tests-passed branch the fix should be available as soon as you update your Discourse instance.


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