Should we bring a native bottom sheet like Apple forum?

I just noticed this today in Apple forum. This is a good product nudge that can increase signup. Should we consider this? Or we already have something

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We have this one, if that’s what you mean?


You can see it here: Official Apple Support Community

Maybe the closest equivalent would be to have the main/welcome post appear in that position instead of at the top of the page.

Or modify the Guest Gate theme component.

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Hi @JammyDodger @Jonathan5 !

Yes the guest plug-in is somewhat similar. But how does that works in mobile?

Also I tried guest plug-in for two websites but it could be me, it doesn’t work properly


It’s a theme component now I think. It works fine on mobile.


Few months back I was trying to do this from code terminal. Never worked out.

Just found this, Guest Gate Theme Component - #2 by markersocial
Super useful. It’s very smooth to implement this way.

Thanks for the reminder. Objective done.