"Show category list" causes page glitch upon page reload

It’s hard to say in words what’s wrong, so here’s a video. This is obviously with “show subcategory list” enabled.

The moment to pay attention to is when I have a category selected, and I re-select that same identical category from the drop-down. You’d expect…

A: Nothing is loaded.
B. The page refreshes.

… instead I get weird option C: It loads the root category index on top of the topic list.

I can confirm something funky is going on when you select the subcategory page in the list while already on that page. In our case it puts a link above the heading in the table:

Can you check this @eviltrout?

I was able to fix @erlend_sh’s bug with this commit:


However I could not reproduce yours @strager – is it still happening on the latest build? Do you have steps to reproduce?


Still occurring on the latest version, but not with every board. Simply go to page (example IP/c/announcements-discussions/announcements) and click on the board again. If you send me a PM, I can give you the IP if you want to take a look.

Do you have topic list display customizations?

Thanks for giving me access to your server. I did find a bug with refreshing a category which I fixed in this commit:


I think that will fix this for you!


Excellent and thank you :smile: