Subcategory list option no longer works as expected

Expected behavior:

Show subcategory list instead of topic list when entering a category.

When checked, entering a category page with subcategories should give a list of the subcategories at the top that you can then further dive into.

Current behavior:

When checked, entering any category page (i.e. anything that’s /c/category-name) gives a full list of the categories at the top. The links to the categories are nonfunctional (just refresh the page), links to subcategories within each category all work.

I’m assuming this is related to the current category work: Redesigning the default category page, just checking in. :slight_smile:

Duplicate of


Woah, sure is! Sorry about that.

No worries. Fact is the new category design is a bet wet behind the ears and there are a few quirks being worked out.