Bug when the category list receives a new subcategory that was just created

So, if you’re on a Discourse page, and an admin creates a new subcategory, the category lists from your own page updates itself via ajax, which is good.
It works well when a category is created, but there’s a bug if it’s a subcategory.

Here’s what the category selector displays when the admin create a subcategory test on the category Autour d’une roue:


As it is a subcategory, it should not be displayed among the parent categories. Plus, if you click on it, it leads to a 404.

You have to actually reload the page for the category list to be properly updated.

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Please read the definition of bug in the category description – prevents normal use of Discourse. There’s no way this qualifies as that.

Oh, sorry, alright. :slight_smile:
I thought clicking on a category that leads to a 404 would fit .