Show customisable message on private topics/categories?

Hi guys,

I’m running an online school with the forum, and was wondering if there’s a theme component or a plugin that will display a customizable message to display on private categories?

Here’s my scenario:

I’ve set a category (eg. Class A) to “everyone can… see”, so that it shows up on the main forum page. But I’ve set the subcategories so that only Class A group members can create/reply/see.

So what this does is that when the people who are not in the group click on the main category, they will reach an empty page with a header.

I was wondering if there’s an option to display a message of some sort so that people know that it’s a private group, or if I can direct them to where they can sign up for class, etc? Any plugins/theme components that I can look into?

Thanks so much!

You could achieve this with a category banner on the parent categories:

People outside those groups wouldn’t see the subcategories at all because of the way group ACLs work.

But in each case you would need to customize the banner heavily using CSS and differentiating between users who have access and those who don’t would require further work.


Thanks @Stephen!

I’m already using the image + description default and that is fine, I was just wondering if there’s something that could appear for non-group members in place of the topic/subcategories list (instead of being empty)

This is possible, but there’s not an existing plugin/component that does it.

No additional functionality needed alternative: Can you create a topic in “Class A” and then pin it? Then visitors would see a topic and its excerpt instead of a blank page, for example:


Ah! I think this will do for now- thanks so much @awesomerobot!

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