Sending a message upon post


I want to make sure that users know about a certain rule before posting in a certain category. Can I show a message to users before or after posting in this category and/or send an automated message via Dicobot or Email?

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You could display a banner for a given category

Hi @isaacjanzen,

the thing is, this category is filled by my colleagues but can be viewed by both colleagues and customers. However, I don’t want to the customers to see everything my colleagues can see since the banner would basically be an instruction of how to post in this category. Can I specify who can see the banner content?

So you want those creating topics in that category to have some guidance? Have you seen What are Topic Templates?

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It’s possible with CSS to show or hide elements based on group membership.

Though I’m wondering if perhaps it would make the most sense to have a dedicated category visible only to staff with any tips, rules, or other commentary intended only for their viewing. One benefit of this would be them having an obvious place to post questions or collaborate on specific cases.

Thanks @pfaffman, your suggestion is almost what I wanted to have.
However, this way, each time a user creates a new post in this category, they have to delete my instructions first. It’s a small hindrance, but it is stille one.

Thanks for your suggestion, @khenmu. Creating a dedicated category is not an option, but using CSS might be. Could you please elaborate on this?

How about /admin/customize/site_texts?q=reply_placeholder ? That will change the text that you see in the composer when it opens (but might be hidden if there is a template?)

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