Show Full Names in Emailed Previous Replies


The users of my forum want real names pretty much everywhere. I prioritize real names, but when previous replies are sent by email, only the usernames appear:

Is it possible to change this myself using the template editor? I suspect this is a lower level setting than what can be modified with the editor.

(Jeff Atwood) #2

That doesn’t look like our normal email formatting to me?


I’m on v2.2.0.beta1 +4 and I don’t think I’ve modified any part of the previous replies template - I don’t actually know where I would do that. That screenshot was taken from Gmail, and it looks the same to my eyes in Thunderbird.

(Kane York) #4

That’s the text-only email format, which contains the post markdown. Fixing it for the prefer real names setting is valid.


It seems odd to me that both my Gmail account (in IE and Firefox) and a different email account in Thunderbird display the plain text version over the HTML. I receive lots of HTML email messages in both places. Using the Gmail app on my iPad, it displays the HTML version.

I temporarily removed the customizations I made to the User Posted Email Template to see if maybe something I did there was to blame. However, Gmail still did not display HTML even with the defaults. Neither did the account I use in Thunderbird.

(Jeff Atwood) #6

This is very weird and I would not expect that to be happening.


HTML issues aside, is showing real names in previous responses something that is likely to be changed in a future release?

(Jeff Atwood) #8

I am unclear, I can’t tell based on the strange screenshot you posted. But for full HTML emails, it should respect the site settings, yes.