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Hi, I have seen few topics with the solution I am looking for.

I think my question is very similar to latest @abcoathup question in this post.

However, this was not answered. How can I configure my discourse site so that when users enter the main address they jump directly to mysitedomain/latest?order=created ?

And additionally, when users press on the button latest, how I configure the site so that they are re-directed to mysitedomain/latest?order=created. ?



This is not possible at the current time, nor is it planned.

You can use search, if you select “sort by latest topic”.

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Hi @codinghorror, can you point me the way to search how I can modify this? I would love to see the latest list sorted by creation date.

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I (kinda) solve this on my forum by using redirect links, thanks to this post:

Change for the name of your site.

NOTE: If you are a developer, please understand that I’m not. Please dont hate me for doing this :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes: I know this is not the proper way to do this.

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I get this to work by modifying this component a litter bit, that is, adding a button for ‘sorted by date’

where I passed in a url query in setting by:

unfinished; unfinished; ?tags=unfinished
created-time; created-time; ?order=created

and check search param in the script:

  api.modifyClass("component:navigation-item", {
    active: Ember.computed("contentFilterMode", "filterMode", function() {
      let contentFilterMode = this.get("content").get("filterMode");

      if (decodeURIComponent( === location) { // check search param
        return contentFilterMode.includes(filter); // if includes this param, active = true;
      } else {
        return this._super(contentFilterMode, this.get("filterMode"));

This works for me but this script will refresh whole page rather than just the inner part, is there a way I can make it only refresh inner topic component?


Hi @HeyRR, have you got this resolved. Would be interested as well as many of our members are requesting a possibility to order the latest page by creation date and not by activity date?

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No luck, sorry, currently I just use the solution I mentioned above, I’m not super familiar with the structure.

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We’d like to see this in our Discourse community. We are new to Discourse but currently finding it difficult to moderate our community and ensure no user feedback, questions etc slip through the cracks. Since we are all working across different time zones the handoff from one moderator to another can be tricky. It would be great if we could easily choose to see all activity created on a certain day. That way if there is a gap in our handover we would see any activity for the hours we were not ‘on call’ It would also help us to see who should be responding to activity based on when it was created.