Show "new topic" when not logged in

I’ve got an issue with getting plenty of page views, but not a lot of posts on my forum I’ve done a bit of user testing, and seems that there is some confusion about how to actually post something when they first arrive at the site. Is there a way to show the “New Topic” button when users are logged out, which would direct them to log in? I know I can do that with a URL, and I have done that now in the Nav, but curious as to why you do no show the “New Topic” button for logged out users also? I’m assuming there’s a good reason.


We already have a Reply button visible to not logged in users and even a Like triggers the display of the pop up to subscribe to the site.
We have also a reminder that will appear to every returning user via the site setting enable signup cta

That said, you will find several topics about it that explain why we do not show the button to non-registered users and also several ways (as you have already discovered) to get around the obstacle.

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@Dax I’m sorry that I’m not clear about the last part of your reply. Are you suggesting there is a way to display the " + New Topic " button for viewers who are not logged in? If so, how?

I’m in the same boat as @MartyMeh. I want viewers to instantly see the " + New Topic " button and be able to click it, and have them redirected to the login page, and function exactly as the " Reply " button does. Is it possible?

Hi @jord8on, it seems not. I worked around by creating a link in the header. In my case I called it “Ask a question”.

The easiest way is to create a new button on the header, next to the icon or the logo. See

You can use a simple link as so that user logged in can open a new topic from every page of your site, users who are not logged in who click on the button will be sent back to the login page and after the login back again to the composer.