Show Original Poster Avatars

:discourse2: Summary Show Original Poster Avatars is a simple theme component that shows the profile picture of the original poster (OP) on the mobile topic list, rather than the latest reply.
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Install this theme component

I turned this into a component because it’s a common request, but keep in mind that this isn’t the default because it means the profile picture shown next to a topic will rarely change and could make your site look somewhat stale (to contrast, last poster updates often).


That’s exactly what I needed. Thank you so much for creating this.


This is neat! Thank you!

Is there a way to apply the theme on specific categories only?

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Thank you. Just installed. Was requested by many users in our community and just found your component.

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This component works great but, the user card doesn’t show on home screen anymore. Can someone check this?

Any update to this? Small update to this can make this component perfect for mobile.

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I’ve made an update, thanks for reporting it!


Nice component but I would like to have in both side mobile and desktop



Some user’s report a problem:

Already read topics not marked as such on mobile.,

Once you read a topic and all their replies, when you return back to the list of all the topics, the title is in light gray for those topics.

  1. Works on Discourse app whcih is a wraper.
  2. Doesn’t works in REAL browser like Vivaldi, Firefox and Chrome, on Android.


Just to make this more clear because I didn’t get it at first: what @hhlp is saying is that this theme component causes this bug. That’s not a mis-directed report about something unrelated. :slight_smile:

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This theme component seems to be broken with the latest version of Discourse. It simply shows no picture when on mobile and active. If you deactivate the component it starts showing the avatar from the last to respond.

Thanks for reporting it! I’ve just added a fix:


Amazingly fast, as always. Thanks

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Hey, it seems this theme component doesn’t work well with the Who’s Online plugin

When i check my mobile view i get this

on desktop i get

As you can see on mobile it’s saying that F150Chief is online (represented by the green circle), but actually it’s the circle saying i am online but around F150Chief’s avatar.

Not sure if this is an issue that would need to be fixed on Who’s Online or on this Theme Component?

I think this is because Who’s Online shows the online indicator on latest poster and not original poster. This is instead Who’s Online related request.

For now if you use original poster shows instead latest poster than you have to disable this setting from Who’s Online plugin. So if the latest poster is online in a topic than it will shows the indicator on topic list avatar even if the avatar is the original poster.

This is great, thank you! Is there a reason that it’s mobile-only? I’d like to have the same thing for desktop mode.

With that said, now that I’ve installed this component and seen the theming system in context (it’s very slick!), I think I could work out how to make a custom version which does desktop + mobile.

we just encountered an issue on 2.9beta9

The mobile op tc causes the last activity date on mobile to be pulled to the right, see screenshot below:

I was about to go and fix the bug mentioned in the post above this one and then I saw there is already a PR waiting to be merged.

@awesomerobot could you take a look please?


Thanks for mentioning it! That PR has now been merged.