Show topic-map without a reply

Is there a way to show the topic-map even if there is no reply? We are using many wiki threads and there are rarely replies but the statistics right in the thread would be nice anyway.

Thanks, in advance.


+1. I was setting up a wiki-like site, and spent nearly a day breaking my head, unsuccessfully searching a lot of forum posts and trying to search in GitHub on whether the topic map was a separate widget or plugin that needs to be installed. Only after reading this post, I realized that a reply was all that was needed.

I’m not an UX expert, but turning it on by default for all posts would make it:

  • Make those statistics available (there are more useful stats there beyond just the responses)
  • Makes UX uniform throughout the site, no special behavior for topics with responses
  • Avoid some discoverability issues (like my dumb case)

Is someone found a solution for this?

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The hacky solution to this is to make a whisper post. That seems to make the topic-map appear.

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I just attempted to solve this by closing those posts, where this is missing. An option to always show the widget would certainly be better.

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