Showcased Categories Theme Component

This theme component allows you to add two “Showcased” topic lists (built from your choice of two different categories) to the top of your forum’s home page. Thanks to @awesomerobot for building out the original structure of this component. :+1:

In the theme component settings, you can customize the name of each column, as well as choose which category to pull from, along with the maximum amount of topics from that category you’d like to display.


That’s great! I was recently thinking about something like that.
Thanks Jordan!


Thanks, Jordan!
Looks really interesting!

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Suggestions to improve this component:

  • User customized or group customized. For example, we have different groups for which certain categories are more important than others. Of course, they change according to the group. So, it would be great if the component could be either user customized or at least that the admins could choose which categories to showcase according to group
  • To have the option for a sidebar instead of upfront, at least in the Latest view would be great.