Sidekiq not running on local Discourse, can't upgrade

I need to upgrade my local discourse to the latest version so I can restore a backup made from a live Discourse instance, import users from Ning, and then backup and restore to the live instance. However, as Sidekiq isn’t running isn’t checking for updates. I tried to go to /admin/upgrade manually but I get a “route doesn’t exist” screen. Is there any other way to force an upgrade without having Sidekiq running? I dont’ want to run Sidekiq as I don\t want my dev instance sending out real emails.

Thanks in advance!

Simply tick the “Disable all outgoing mail” checkbox in the site settings.

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Jeff, are you saying I have no other option but to enable Sidekiq in order to be able to upgrade my Discourse instance? Is there no other way to upgrade to the latest version from within the Admin?

You can upgrade from the command line, I was just pointing out that you can globally disable email via a site setting, you don’t have to kill off sidekiq.


Disabling outgoing mail is the best way to solve your problem of not sending mails. There are lots of ways you could accidentally re-start sidekiq.

You should upgrade from the command line. (./launcher rebuild app).

If you don’t want all of your imported users to get a PM from discobot (which starts a bunch of sidekiq processes) you should find that system setting before you do the import.


Yes, that was a very good suggestion; I’ve turned off emails entirely for the moment. Thanks :slight_smile:


Just to be sure, if I restore my backed-up local installation to the live server, will emails suddely begin going out to newly-added accounts, or will the live instance also have the “no emails at all” setting active if my local one was set to send no emails?

If you had the setting turned on when you made the backup, it’ll be restored.