Site becomes blank white page

Since updating to 1.2.0.beta6 my site has crashed twice and needed to be rebuilt twice to fix it in a 3 day period.

Tested from multiple systems and users using Mac (Safari), Windows 8.1 (FireFox, Chrome, IE), Android Lollipop (Chrome, FireFox), iOS 8 (Safari)

Rebuilding seems to fix it, but it crashes again after about 24-30 hours. I am running default discourse, no plugins, the specs of my server are 4 times the recommended settings, no massive traffic spike or issues on the server, using the docker install, only have a couple hundred users and 10k posts (avg 800-900/day), site is 20 or so days old.

Are there any errors in the /logs (before the crash)?

Multiple fatal errors, all starting with:

Errno::ENOMEM (Cannot allocate memory - convert)

It has 4GB RAM on the server, it’s the only thing running too.

There seems to be a memory leak, we’re investigating.