Site blank when using Internet Explorer

I know, I know. But we still have users who are using it (several old company guidelines).

I am pretty sure that when we set our site live that it was viewable with internet explorer (11).
But now, the site is blank.
We have https enforced and run 2.4.0.beta10 - which will turn 11 over the weekend.

On my testsite which went from beta9 to 11 and which does not have https enabled, I get a hint that my browser is too old.

On our live-site the page comes blank and in the logs I see an error

 TypeError: Das Objekt unterstützt die Eigenschaft oder Methode "startsWith" nicht
   at p.getURL (https://[URL]/assets/application-7c10df91bb23f83c008d2d0abd26f97d98edafa183e6cb9967f7f2740fe27916.js:1:168875)
   at p.getURLWithCDN (https://[URL]/assets/application-7c10df91bb23f83c008d2d0abd26f97d98edafa183e6cb9967f7f2740fe27916.js:1:169006)
   at t (https://[URL]/assets/application-7c10df91bb23f83c008d2d0abd26f97d98edafa183e6cb9967f7f2740fe27916.js:1:200538)
   at e.default.load (https://[URL]/assets/application-7c10df91bb23f83c008d2d0abd26f97d98edafa183e6cb9967f7f2740fe27916.js:1:411132)
   at e.default.initialize (https://[URL]/assets/application-7c10df91bb23f83c008d2d0abd26f97d98edafa183e6cb9967f7f2740fe27916.js:1:2224694)
   at n.initialize (https://[URL]/assets/application-7c10df91bb23f83c008d2d0abd26f97d98edafa183e6cb9967f7f2740fe27916.js:1:170626)
   at Anonymous function (https://[URL]/assets/ember_jquery-530b142179f5d045197da32be369a38d97a6d334380b804c93b36445c494fe65.js:1:340584)
   at i.prototype.each (https://[URL]/assets/ember_jquery-530b142179f5d045197da32be369a38d97a6d334380b804c93b36445c494fe65.js:1:501613)
   at i.prototype.walk (https://[URL]/assets/ember_jquery-530b142179f5d045197da32be369a38d97a6d334380b804c93b36445c494fe65.js:1:500627)
   at t.prototype.each (https://[URL]/assets/ember_jquery-530b142179f5d045197da32be369a38d97a6d334380b804c93b36445c494fe65.js:1:500064)

Has someone else seen this? Can I fix it?

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This was fixed a few days ago, so the problem should be resolved as soon as you update your site :slight_smile:

But also, note that we will be dropping IE11 support in June:


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