Site default font changed from Arial to Serif after recent update

After an update last week (possibly the previous week), the site’s base font has changed from Arial to a default Serif. The site is vanilla; there are few plugins and the theme is the one out of the box. CSS hasn’t been altered.

Trying to change the font from settings has no effect. This has happened to my site before, but that was rectified after the push by @pmusaraj mentioned here:


Try rebuilding your Discourse. This has fixed other users issues previously.

./launcher rebuild app

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Thanks, yes I saw that workaround. I’m unable to access my server to do that for a couple of weeks :crying_cat_face:

You can manually add the CSS to load the font until you get a chance to rebuild.

you would use something like this.

:root {
  --font-family: Arial, sans-serif;
  --heading-font-family: Arial, sans-serif;

To go back to Arial. Head to admin/customize/themes and add it to your active theme under common > CSS


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