[Site Down :(] Upgrade\Rebuild Failure - DB Migration Issue?

Upgrading to current version of Discourse today, the rebuild is failing and I’m not exactly sure what’s causing it. The install was quite a few iterations behind (I think 2.8x). The docker image update went fine when I went to upgrade Discourse I was asked to do a manual pull & rebuild (Most of the time I get asked this) however the rebuild has been unsuccessful.

Here’s the results of a search for “error” using discourse-doctor. Apologies for screenshots, the web based VNC client I have does not seem to support copy/paste

It seems to think you have two users called racerx. I think there’s a topic about a similar issue here:

Also a more recent one here too:


Thanks I will start down that path… wish me luck…

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I’m stuck on how to kickoff the re indexing. I’ve been able to start (Although it’s not web accessible) and enter the app but no luck moving forward from that.



You need to run those commands inside the container. Something like

./launcher start app
./launcher enter app

Before you sudo postgres

Edit: oh, you got in the container.

That postgres -c needs sudo before it.


I guess sudo wouldn’t work, but su did and now I’m poking around in postgres.

So now I need to figure out how to actually fix the duplicates. The query appears to be…

UPDATE users SET username_lower = 'xxx' WHERE id = xxx;

I tried a couple of variations to no avail. As you can tell I’m not 100% sure what the correct syntax here as the error is column related.


I’ll keep digging. I don’t know how many dups I have yet either…

/edit… it’s just racerx. DAMMIT RACERX!



Did you figure out how to fix it?

I’d return the users’ ID (which is unique) as well to identify them properly and then rename one of these two users :slight_smile:


Expanding on what @Canapin has said, in case you haven’t already figured it out, it should be straightforward to get the usernames unique since you’ve already established that racerx is the only duplicated username.

First, if you haven’t already, make sure racerx2 doesn’t already exist so you aren’t just moving the problem to a different username: (If you get an id, try a different username.)

SELECT id FROM users WHERE username_lower = 'racerx2';

Once you have an unused username, get the IDs of the duplicate racerx accounts:

SELECT id from users WHERE username_lower = 'racerx';

Pick one, doesn’t matter which though I would use the highest, then change its username: (Substituting racerx2 for a different username if needed and 12345 with the racerx ID you picked.)

UPDATE users SET username_lower = 'racerx2' WHERE id = 12345;

Update (Was in drafts for a few days, sorry) Looks like I got it figured out. Not sure if it what I did was the right approach, but it rebuilt successfully.

Found it hard to modify\append the racerx value in the username_lower column using the syntax so I went about it another way. by looking up the IDs for the rows and modifiying the username_lower value in a specific row.

First I tried to get a report of any rows in the users table that had “racerx” in the username_lower column.

select all from users where username_lower ='racerx';

From this I decided I’d modify racerx to racerx2, I can’t remember exactly what I typed to make that happen. I think it was UPDATE SET from users username_lower racerx to racerx2


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