Site linked from Discourse list of customers down

It feels a bit strange to be reporting this, but I thought I’d check out how some of your other tech customers run their sites & clicked on New Relic to get this:

Ctrl-Shift-R just reloads the same thing


It’s loading okay for me? Could you try it again and see what you get?

Though I don’t believe that’s a site we currently host, so the best I can do is cross my fingers. :slightly_smiling_face::crossed_fingers:

Did you find the link on one of our web pages? I can’t seem to spot it?

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I’m still getting the same. (Sorry, I forgot to add the link.)

It’s the 5th entry under Tech on New Relic

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Hmm… I’ve never seen this on a Discourse instance before:

But I guess it’s just me. :woman_shrugging:

2 Likes might be blocked by some browser extensions, due to the nature of their product. It looks like that is what is happening here.


Blocked by client means that your browser extension is blocking the CSS from that site. Try under an incognito tab.

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Yup. Works like a charm in incognito mode.

Oddly, the base site works fine in… “cognito” mode? Whatever the opposite of incognito is.


Ad blockers have complex logic, and they tend to be a pain for communities of services that are normally blocked by them; we regularly feel that pain :smiling_face_with_tear:

Thanks for looking out though :heart: New Relic were a customer once but not longer are; we’ll make a note to remove them from our customers page.

EDIT: correction - they’re no longer a hosted site customer with us, but we have their permission to continue listing them there since they are happy self-hosters.