Site name not changing on Google

A few weeks ago I rebranded my forum to suit all io games (used to be only for Swordbattle .io)


But for some search results (like one above) in Google the site headline hasn’t changed. I have changed everything in the Discourse settings to remove the swordbattle keyword, but it still shows that.

Note that this specific topic was made after the rebrand, so I dont think it’s a cache issue. If you go to the topic you can see the page title contains IO Games Forum only, so not sure why this is happening.

Any way to resolve this? Thanks

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At a guess maybe is still somewhere in your settings maybe?

That’s what I thought too, but no. Unless there is someplace other than these two places, let me know.

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Looks like Google updated a few of your results, but not all:

This issue should fix itself over time, could take a few weeks. To help Google out, you could use the Google Search Console to request a recrawl (by resubmitting your sitemap).


But I dont understand the ones for example “Categories - Io Games Forum - Forum” it seems to have a mix of both the names which is very weird, it was never like that.

Yeah, so Google probably hasn’t crawled those pages that still have “” in the title since you did the change.
Give it a few weeks and it should resolve itself.


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