Site went down after taking backup


I took backup, now my site down. What may be possible reason?

Cloudflare said - Connection timed out. So, I disabled Cloudflare.

Now, Browser says - This site can’t be reached

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Possible things that might be wrong.

Is there anything in the logs?
Have you tried restarting discourse?
Is the backup still going on?

Please see, this is from admin/backups/logs page.

How to do that? Please tell me.

I guess, no. Just site went down.

Are you using some kind of discourse hosting provider by chance?

Before site went down - I received “The backup was successful.” message.

Site went up, now after few minutes (approximately 12 minutes)

I see site is up automatically, and again I received same push notification that “The backup was successful.”

Can you tell us what kind of setup you are using?


I am using self-hosted.

you should be able to restart it by sshing into the server where discourse is being hosted and cd into /var/discourse. if discourse is installed elsewhere than cd into where its installed

run this to restart discourse
sudo ./launcher restart app
app may or may not be the name of the discourse image. just replace it with whatever you used.

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Now it is up. Sorry, in bit hurry up panic moment, I wrote down, instead of up.

Now it is okay. Thanks for the response.

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I also received today Upgrade message, should I do? Will I have to face any downtime?

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to upgrade just goto /admin/upgrade and click upgrade.

Downtime is minimal.

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Is this process automated like we do in WordPress? or I have to do anything extra after clicking on Updrade? I am afraid.

its almost entriely automated. there is one extra click that just confirms that you want to upgrade

there is no need to worry. Nothing should go wrong

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