Error 524 - A timeout occurred

Hello there, a couple of days ago I randomly was able to access my forum, it would load for a long time, and then eventually stop and get the cloudflare 524 error. I set up discourse fairly recently and I have no idea what’s happening. Other sites on my webserver work perfectly fine.


I ran discourse doctor, everything seems to be in order, I disabled all of my plugins.

If you’re using cloudflare, disable the orange cloud. It causes many problems.

Ok I’ve done it, now I’m getting this error: 504 Gateway Time-out

That’s sounds like a reverse proxy error or perhaps discourse isn’t running?

It looks like it’s timing out again, the page is just loading forever now. It’s possible it’s a proxy thing, but I didn’t change anything, and all the settings look right.

Is there any way I can do a backup without accessing the forum itself? At this point, I might as well reinstall.

Yes, you can run a backup from the command line with

discourse backup

Inside the container. There are topics here about backup and restore from the command line.