Site won't load / can't open in safari / other issues

Hi all,

A few issues here I would appreciate immensely if someone could help me out with as this is time sensitive.

My forum is set up on the site as a subdomain to my main website. It’s

I’m hosting the site with DigitalOcean, and followed all the steps in setting it up correctly.

  1. It almost never opens in Safari, as I get a message saying "Safari can’t open the page “” because Safari can’t establish a secure connection to the server “”.
  • I was suggested to clear my cache, which I did, and nothing happened immediately but then I tried accessing the forum the next day and it opened fine. It worked for the whole day, and then decided it can’t open the next day.

– Sometimes this happens in Chrome and Firefox too, although it seems to open at a higher percentage in these browsers.

— In any case, it’s clearly very disruptive to have to work like this without knowing if the webpage will open or not.

  • Now when I try to login, I just get a never-ending loading wheel. Before, the loading wheel would happen when I was log into the forum, but now I can’t even login.

I’m wondering if the forum was set up incorrectly in the first place, or if there’s someone who has had similar problems to what I’m going through… I’d really like to get my community up and running asap so any help here is greatly appreciated.

Thanks and I look forward to hearing back from someone who can help me out.