Discourse Installed but nothing on domain


I followed the standard install guide on a digital ocean droplet with 2gb of RAM, did not use the one-click install but followed the steps to install docker then discourse and in the end i get the message to connect to the domain in order to further the installation but when i go there nothing is shown.

You can see for yourself at forumteam.fr, nothing comes up.

Do you have an idea of why this happens ?

Hey @n42

That URL points to a godaddy holding page. What did you put in DNS?


Here are the settings shown in my godaddy DNS page :

Well — https://forumteam.fr works and is waiting for an user to do setup.

(There is no point to hide a public IP)


Yes i think it needed some time to configure but now the problem that i encounter is that the forum only shows up when i acces it from my computer, if not, it’s the godaddy page that shows up :


You have two dns A records for @

Remove the one marked Parked.

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Your link is https which isn’t working either waiting for an SSL certificate or not issued one yet. Check your yml file and set one up with rebuilding your app.

Who is your smtp provider?? Make sure you set it right with the rest of DNS requirements on godaddy page.

Good luck.

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I checked the containers/app.yml and it shows me this :

so i shouldn’t I be getting an SSL certificate from let’s encrypt automatically ? I’m apologize in advance, I don’t know much about programming

It’s mailgun and I believe that it works because i received an email to set-up my admin account on my forum

You’re good to go then …! Do you have any yml errors after applying this command to rebuild it, to issue Letsencrypt SSL??

./launcher rebuild app

If you said no errors, then, it is a DNS correct setup problem. This is all you need.

Make sure your DNS is pointing to your server IP NOT godaddy default IP. This is all it needs!

Good luck bro,

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