Skipping built-in SSL certificate?

I am now deploying a new environment. My domain name and domain name certificate have been prepared, but how do I cancel your built-in ssl certificate function during deployment?

Hi Guo!

I believe you can skip it by leaving the let’s encrypt email blank when asked by the setup script.

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ok, i try again.

However it’s very recommended to use let’s encrypt.

See this topic for more information on why and how to setup your own certificate.

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I understand, this is the case, my own domain name already has an ssl certificate, or can I replace my own certificate file into the template? In this way, I don’t need to run an nginx in front of the discourse service to do ssl?

I believe you can just put your email on the let’s encrypt prompt and it will work.

Discourse uses nginx in the container that it builds; you do want that nginx. You do not need to have another nginx in front of the discourse container. The standard install will request and maintain a certificate from let’s encrypt.

If you really love your certificate that you have already, and want to spend extra time learning a hard way to manage certificates and are sure that you will remember to manually update your existing certificate, you can follow the guide linked above.

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