Slick Image Gallery


(Joe) #21

This has to do with the aspect ratio of your images. Slick always maintains the original aspect ratio of the image.

The height of each gallery is determined by the height of the tallest image in it. The width of the gallery is always the full width of the post.

The images you add are slotted in and centred both vertically and horizontally in the gallery. This prevents the page content from moving around when you navigate between images of different heights and keeps the navigation buttons fixed in one place.

You can control the color of the background with:

.slick-track {
    background: black;

(Joe) #22


I took a look at the translation issue @Francois_Douville I have a temporary workaround for now. You need to make a small edit to the theme. Go to the </head> section and look for this:

You need to change en to fr


  I18n.translations.en.js.composer.tiles_add_images_prompt = settings.Tiles_add_images_prompt;
  I18n.translations.en.js.tiles_gallery_button = settings.Tiles_button_text;

becomes: = settings.Tiles_add_images_prompt; = settings.Tiles_button_text;

That’s all you need to change.

Because this is a local edit, you need to reapply it after every theme update, but it’s not a big problem because you only need to change two letters.

I will keep looking for a better way to integrate translations into themes and will keep you posted.

(Joe) #23

Tiles / Slick got a tiny update today that deals with the translation issue. They will now use the awesome locale check described in @Simon_Cossar’s great post here :raised_hands:

The locale for the translated strings will automatically be set and you will not need to mess around with the theme code after this update.