Slick Image Gallery

This has to do with the aspect ratio of your images. Slick always maintains the original aspect ratio of the image.

The height of each gallery is determined by the height of the tallest image in it. The width of the gallery is always the full width of the post.

The images you add are slotted in and centred both vertically and horizontally in the gallery. This prevents the page content from moving around when you navigate between images of different heights and keeps the navigation buttons fixed in one place.

You can control the color of the background with:

.slick-track {
    background: black;


I took a look at the translation issue @Francois_Douville I have a temporary workaround for now. You need to make a small edit to the theme. Go to the </head> section and look for this:

You need to change en to fr


  I18n.translations.en.js.composer.tiles_add_images_prompt = settings.Tiles_add_images_prompt;
  I18n.translations.en.js.tiles_gallery_button = settings.Tiles_button_text;

becomes: = settings.Tiles_add_images_prompt; = settings.Tiles_button_text;

That’s all you need to change.

Because this is a local edit, you need to reapply it after every theme update, but it’s not a big problem because you only need to change two letters.

I will keep looking for a better way to integrate translations into themes and will keep you posted.


Tiles / Slick got a tiny update today that deals with the translation issue. They will now use the awesome locale check described in @simon’s great post here :raised_hands:

The locale for the translated strings will automatically be set and you will not need to mess around with the theme code after this update.


This is refusing to work on v2.2.0.beta3 +130

My images are larger than the maximum allowed dimensions, I get the gallery preview but in the actual post the gallery isn’t displayed, just normal images. Could you confirm that this works on the version I have installed? Thanks

Sure, I checked and everything seems to be OK on v2.2.0.beta3 +136

Do you mean lighboxes or just images? Slick only targets lighboxes so that would explain why it’s not working for you. If that’s the case, It sounds like sidekiq is paused / not running on your site. Try checking


Thanks for the reply. There was an unknown issue on my site that was causing lightboxes to take a few minutes to generate, and it was this that was causing this plugin not to work. All seems to be working now :+1:


@Johani I’m wondering why this component calls slick.min.js from cloudflare instead of being packaged with the component?

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At the time, the Discourse theme system was a bit different.

Scripts added to a theme / component used to be loaded inline in the <head> of the document. It made a lot more sense to load it from a CDN.

Discourse themes now handle scripts much better thanks to @xrav3nz’s work :heart: :raised_hands:

scripts are now pulled into an external theme.js file.

So, it now makes sense to bundle slick into the theme instead of loading it from a CDN.

I just pushed a small update for that :+1:


Thanks for the explanation and the quick fix!

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For an obscure reason I cannot achieve the expected slideshow. My code is :

<div data-theme-slick="1">



I obtain :

  • the 1st two images outside the slideshow
  • the 3rd, 6th and 7th images are in a slideshow without the 4th and 5th (don’t show up at all)

I assume this is linked to the different sizes of images… so is there a workaround other than changing the size of the source pictures? It seems that changing the size parameter in the code does not improve things.

Any help would be appreciated! :slight_smile:

EDIT : now I’ve tried with all images reduced to the same size : they are all displayed one below the other, and no slideshow at all… :frowning:

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Thank you for the detailed feedback :+1:

The issue you’re seeing occurs because you’re using small images. The images you’re using are not large enough for Discourse to generate lightboxes.

There are two relevant settings for this

max_image_height which defaults to 500px

max_image_width which defaults to 690px.

Discourse looks at images uploaded in posts and if they exceed the demisions set in either of those settings, it creates lightboxes for them.

Now, you’re free to change those the values of those settings on your site to force Discourse to generate lightboxes for smaller image; however, I would not recommend doing that.

That setting is also linked to the max deminsions an image can be displayed at, so if you change max-width to say… 500px, then the maximum width any image will display at in a post will also be 500px - the same applies to changing the max-height setting.

What I would recommend is to use larger images that exceed either the max-height setting or the max-width setting. The component would then work with those images without any issues.

Let me know if the problem persists.


After the last update now the arrows are missing:



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Am I the only one who see two of the same icons for the Slick Image Gallery? It didn’t use to be like that.
When I removed the component from my theme, both icons disappeared. When I added the component back, they both reappeared. Both buttons serve the same function.


I can’t reproduce this using only the theme component.

Getting this error in console:

`decorateCooked` should be supplied with an `id` option to avoid memory leaks

We use both the Slick and the Tile image gallery (which are both great!). One of our users has spotted an issue on the mobile version where it pushes Discourse icons out of the screen (namely the cogwheel for the polls, etc):

I reckon this may be an edge case dependent on what else is activated on a Discourse installation that uses composer icons. In any case, I noticed that the image upload button on mobile is actually on the bottom right, in an area with spare room for more. Would it make sense to have the gallery icons move there too? That would solve the cramming of icons at the top, while making it more logical (all image related icons together).


Where/how is the background color changed?

This did not work:


I have the same problem too!!!

I’ve installed this:

but not getting it to appear in the composer bar?

Appears the recent update, and updating to 2.9.0 beta 4 fixed it?