Slow mode and auto closing: minutes aren’t an option

When I open settings of a category and I want to setup slow mode and/or auto closing, mins are default and there is option choose hours, days etc.

If I use anythng else than minutes, and at some point I want to change back to minutes that isn’t available any more.

I reckon minutes are quite rarely used, but slow mode is a bit different thing. When I want cool down overheated topic, for my user between 15 - 30 mins is enough, because only those who are online at the moment are an issue.

So this is defenetly not a major class issue. And there is big chance this should not be counted as a bug, but UI flaw instead.


Indeed, I can repro the issue, thanks Jagster :+1:


Thanks for the report, @Jagster! :pray:

I’ve created a fix for this here:


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