So hard to get a link to this category

I wanted to get a link to this ux category.

I finally got it but it was really hard.
First I couldn’t do it in the “app”.
So I had to get in the browser, here on my cell phone, and then go to the top of this page that you’re reading, and hold down on that tiny “ux”, until Chrome would let me copy the link address.

No I couldn’t do it in the “app”, because you can’t just hold down on things in the app.

So, it’s nice that every post has their own individual link icon. But when you want to link to the group, I mean the category, itself, then you got to use all your brain cells.


Well, the app I’m using has this:

Well you are in luck.
But not me:

Not totally sure if it’s pure luck :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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you can also use ux in search or if wanting to create a new topic you can type search category

Under the topic tile you can press the category and it’ll take you the link you posted in your OP @jidanni. This works on mobile and desktop

You can search for “ux” by pressing the search button and searching for the respective category. Anyways, enlarging the button to the category would make it easier to reach that category, but that’s not under my control. Perhaps it’s just the way Discourse is designed.

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Okay now let’s say we actually press the link to this ux group. Well there’s a giant Welcome to Discourse Meta block that takes up most of the screen. The only place we see the letters ux is on the very last line of our cell phone screen.

I mean you got to admit it certainly doesn’t look like the link preview seen in my very first post up at the top.

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Hi Dan,
Are you talking about this?