So I can't login anymore :( and won't receive email logins or forgotten password emails

Hey guys!

So I had a discourse that I set up a few weeks ago and had not logged in since then.

However, I receive no emails from it whatsoever now to log in. My old password also does not seem to work and the forgot password appears to work on the website but I never receive any emails.

When I look at my Mailgun logs, I see nothing :frowning_face:

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Try restting your mailgun password then rerun the discourse setup and you can change the password

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I am able to login to the web interface of mailgun so I don’t see a need to reset password there - or is that what you are suggesting?

If you aren’t seeing mail in the logs at mailgun either discourse isn’t able to send mail or discourse can’t authenticate to send email.

Resetting mailgun and updating your app.yml will eliminate the latter.

So I think I found a bug?
Prior usernames for my admin account were
and xyzadmin
However, the username was changed while I was in discourse to “Thexyzadmin”.

Whenever I tried to reset my password, entering the usernames “xyz” or “xyzadmin” would lead to discourse telling me to check my email for the reset password link. Is that supposed to happen?

Are you using SSO? Is discourse authoritative for identity?


To rephrase what I said earlier (because what I said earlier seems confusing to me upon re-reading it),
If a user changes their username while in discourse, (in this case it was the admin who changed their username), then discourse should never respond with check your email if an email was never generated for the prior username.

If that does not make sense, let me know.

Staff have an extra requirement for email change, they have to verify both the old and new emails. This is done for security reasons.

That isn’t the case for users, they only have to verify the new email.

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Thank you @codinghorror!!! Interesting nickname! I feel that right now while learning coding :).

Thanks so much once again!

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