Solved Button Plugin

Add a new category / sub category.

“Stuff that needs solving” is a very strong use case for needing a discrete category.


I think you have a legitimate use case here. Down the line, Discourse should strive to support as many different workflows as possible, for the same reason Tags was eventually implemented.

Some communities are okay with Category dictating the the post type, yet in others the post type is the most important part, while choosing a category is an afterthought.

I think it’s okay to rely on categories for this in v1 though. Like Sam pointed out, making a sub-category is a decent workaround.


Maybe a “Solved and Close Discussion” button?


So excited for this! Thanks for building!!


This could not come soon enough - so excited for this! Any update?


This plugin is not working

I used instructtions from here, and the discourse stops working.
Removed the plugin (git URL in app.yml file) and now it’s working.

Its not working cause it’s not ready, when it is this will be moved to the plugin category


Do you have a rough target for readiness? Week? Month? Next quarter or next year?

Any guess would help us in planning transition away from our Q&A site.

Somewhere between one week and one month, depending on a bunch of stuff.

so it will definitely be before :date:


Note, solved button is now deployed on meta.

I enabled it on the “support” category, if you are the OP you will see an accept answer button unless the topic is closed.

To enable it you need to edit the category to “allow accepted answers”, by default no categories allow them (I may add a site setting override here, to globally enable)


Please OP use it and show us the power of this plugin :smiley:

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Here’s an example: mapRoutes and I18n errors in the error log

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Exciting… Happy to deploy for live testing as soon you feel it’s ready.

  1. Should there be some kind of confirmation if OP changes which post is the accepted answer? It seemed way too easy to do by mistake and the UI doesn’t make it terribly obvious that clicking that check button changed the answer. (Green background for the post?)

  2. Can staff (moderators/admins) also select accepted answers?

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Yes they can, I suppressed the button you must press the ... to see it.

I stripped the green background for now, it can easily be added with a css rule. I will look at adding a confirmation if you change the answer from an existing one, but not for the initial accept.

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It seems relatively common that the “best” solution changes over time…
… how best might the change in the “best” answer be handled.

I’ve seen this on StackOverflow…

… and other places .e.g. The best oil for an engine is “Brand X, Model W14” then later “Brand X” does away with the “Model W14” product and an alternative oil is best.

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I see that the plugin is being used here on meta. Is the source code available somewhere?

You’ve been looking for “solved” haven’t you? :wink:

The repo is at

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Yeah that is a pretty bad name @sam, it really should be solved or solution.

will get it fixed but not sure what name makes most sense


none of them are particularly spectacular.