Solved Button Plugin

Hey @sam, has work begun on this plugin? Looking for this for our Jekyll discourse site, Thanks!

Yes, I have began, about 2 days in.


Please considure adding uri filters, so we can filter topics solved, insolved.
As we can filter open or closed topics by extra param in query string

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Would be nice to see this, for customer support reasons.

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This part is pretty much interesting! :slight_smile: Want this!


Made some good progress here, still got to add in security, not ready for mass consumption, repo is


@sam: could you please consider the variant to allow solved only on certain tags, not (only) on categories? Thanks!


super excited about this plugin!

but I use categories for a mix of topics eg wikis, discussion, tasks, question/answer etc. This means it would be sensible for our use case to be able to allow mods/admins to turn this on/off for specific posts via the post admin actions (wrench), e.g a “Make solvable” option like the “Make wiki” option.


I reconsider the previous statement and i think a better variant would be to allow to original poster to mark a topic as solvable (see the mockup below).

The rationale behind this is instead of categories is that you can have a discussion in a category and a problem that needs solving. E.g. you start a debate about unit testing in best practices category, but you also have issues with unit testing, so you open another topic in the same best practices category. One needs solving, the other one doesn’t, yet they fit in the same category.

Why checkbox and not tag? It’s easier to educate users to check a checkbox rather than ask them to add a certain tag.

Lastly, the option to globally enable/disable this option for all posts in a category should also be present.

Hopefully, all of this rambling made some sense :smiley:

No, I do not support this. If people want solved, post in the correct category.


Right, but in the same category you can have a topic that need solving and a topic that is only a discussion.

How would you deal with the above example?

Add a new category / sub category.

“Stuff that needs solving” is a very strong use case for needing a discrete category.


I think you have a legitimate use case here. Down the line, Discourse should strive to support as many different workflows as possible, for the same reason Tags was eventually implemented.

Some communities are okay with Category dictating the the post type, yet in others the post type is the most important part, while choosing a category is an afterthought.

I think it’s okay to rely on categories for this in v1 though. Like Sam pointed out, making a sub-category is a decent workaround.


Maybe a “Solved and Close Discussion” button?


So excited for this! Thanks for building!!


This could not come soon enough - so excited for this! Any update?


This plugin is not working

I used instructtions from here, and the discourse stops working.
Removed the plugin (git URL in app.yml file) and now it’s working.

Its not working cause it’s not ready, when it is this will be moved to the plugin category


Do you have a rough target for readiness? Week? Month? Next quarter or next year?

Any guess would help us in planning transition away from our Q&A site.

Somewhere between one week and one month, depending on a bunch of stuff.

so it will definitely be before :date: