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It seems relatively common that the “best” solution changes over time…
… how best might the change in the “best” answer be handled.

I’ve seen this on StackOverflow…

… and other places .e.g. The best oil for an engine is “Brand X, Model W14” then later “Brand X” does away with the “Model W14” product and an alternative oil is best.

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I see that the plugin is being used here on meta. Is the source code available somewhere?

You’ve been looking for “solved” haven’t you? :wink:

The repo is at

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Yeah that is a pretty bad name @sam, it really should be solved or solution.

will get it fixed but not sure what name makes most sense


none of them are particularly spectacular.

Seems pretty clear to me


Still think the green background is a good move. As it stands now for long topics, it’s painful to try to scan the page for the correct reply.

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your call the CSS class is there so you can style it as you wish, we are moving away for loud backgrounds for our default styles so its a sane default.


Is there some magic required to enable this? I’ve added the plugin (discourse-solved) and rebuilt the web container (separate web and data), which is otherwise running 1.3.2. The plugin is listed among the other plugins under Admin -> Plugins, but I’m not seeing any new settings on the category setting dialog to enable it…

edit the category you want to enable it for, go to settings, enable solutions by ticking “Allow users to accept answers”

This is what I see on the edit category dialog:

But it looks installed, right?

you must be on absolute latest for this to work.

Ah. That’s too bad. :disappointed: I was hoping that it being a plugin, it would work with a two week old Discourse. :wink:

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Bug: Missing translation…

(Taken after a hard-refresh, on this thread, just to make sure…)


The solved class on the <p> is nice, but any chance to get a CSS class on the post to indicate answered vs. unanswered question (as is done with the accepted answer)?

This would allow us to add some content via CSS on the lead post/question to clearly indicate whether or not it’s been answered. :smile:

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for the sake of consistency, suggest changing this language to “Allow original posters and moderators to choose an answer that solves the topic” or some such. At least have solve somewhere in there so it shows up when searching the settings. :slight_smile:

greatly appreciative of this plugin, @sam - nice work!

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Thanks! fixed now :hammer:


Similar to my request for the topic page:

I realize it’s probably not possible right now, but I think another thing that would be helpful here is to have hooks for CSS styling that cold optionally show unanswered topics in the topic list. It looks like there are no classes right now as it stands, so I would guess there is probably more work involved for this.

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Bug discovered during team testing today…


  1. Have a non-staff user create a new topic in an enabled category.
  2. Non-staff user also accepts an answer.
  3. Staff/admin un-accepts the answer.


  • Staff user should then be able to accept an alternate post as accepted answer.


  • Staff now sees no check buttons on any posts in the topic and can’t accept anything.

EDIT: Actually, as an admin I can no longer see any accept buttons on any un-accepted topics created by other users. Other users seem to be still able to accept things though.


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Discussion is at: Discourse Solved (Accepted answer plugin)

Version 1 is done.