[SOLVED]Install issues with 2 separate servers

So here is what im running into more-less.

I have 2 hardware servers. 1 runs unraid and the second unit is for running esxi VM’s

The unraid unit us running nginx reverse proxy manager. I have an Ubuntu 18.04 VM on the esxi machine. when going through the install it tells me im getting through on port 80 but not 443. Is anyone running this type of setup?

In the reverse proxy i have my domain set up with ssl and set on port 80. I just dont understand enough (using this as a learning experience) to figure out how to make the 2 work together and get discourse installed and working.


UPDATE: I managed to solve. the link that got me in the right direction is here.

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For the next step, you might consider changing the proxy to talk to a unix domain socket in the docker container(s).

This setup provides even more flexibility because you can simply do a symbolic link from outside the container to inside and easily switch from one container to another without any downtime and without a need to restart nginx.

For example (on Linux, this will not work on MacOS)

Unix socket might be here (container view), as an example:


Outside container:

ln -sf /var/discourse/shared/socket-only/mycool.discourse.sock  /tmp/mycool.discourse.sock

so your external nginx server with reverse proxy to:


Let’s say you are want add some plugins and need to rebuild.

You can rebuild with /shared/socket-only2 (a simple yml change), and to switch to the new container, just:

ln -sf /var/discourse/shared/socket-only2/mycool.discourse.sock  /tmp/mycool.discourse.sock

(or put it in /var/run or wherever …)

This works very smoothly and you can switch back and forth between containers in a few milliseconds, no nginx restart to remap the TCP/IP domain sockets.

I have tested this completely and it works flawlessly and smoothly.

It also works (almost) with Apache2, but in Apache2, you cannot use a symbolic link and must use the full path to the container in the Apache2 site configs, so Apache2 requires a restart to switch, but since you a nginx person, this will be easy and smooth outside the container.

Awesome, thank you. Ill take a look at it later tonight