[Solved] Not Quite Pixel Perfect when browser is zoomed out


I noticed a weird issue this evening/morning, our categories are no longer separated by a lovely straight line, instead there is a slight step.

Browsing to https://community.gamedev.tv/ you will be able to see several more on the other categories underneath.

I quickly came here to see if there was anything similar, and, briefly I spotted a similar issue on the thicker horizontal line under “Topic | Category | Users” etc… it stepped for the “Users” column. I wasn’t quick enough to take a screenshot and seems to have resolved itself.

…just reloaded the page and managed to catch it this time…

Any ideas - bit random I know, and I fully appreciate it isn’t a show stopper… although that 1px step is going to keep me awake tonight! :slight_smile:

(I dread to think how many Discourse staff / team members / other users are rolling their eyes right now and saying “Really…” - sorry!)


On the “All Latest Topics” view, it seems to affect the rows which have the “o new” against the topic.

There is also a missing space in composer when uploading any files.


Do you have zoom applied to the browser? It sometimes happens in Chrome with some zoom.


Spot on! Thank you Hector, I thought it was odd I hadn’t noticed it before - the zoom was at 90%…

Panic over… I will be able to sleep tonight! :wink:

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Not that my vision is good enough to detect a single pixel difference, but I looked and did not see this anywhere that I looked for it.

It could be that the dimensions of an element are interfering, but my guess it is because of a “split”. That is, if something is an odd number of pixels and a CSS rule divides it, the browser decides where to apply the rule. For example, if there is an image 123 pixels in height, and the CSS wants to put it in 50%, the browser can not display the image at 61.5 pixel height but only 61 or 62 pixels. How any given browser might make the decision is a complete mystery to me.

What device and browser are you using when you see this?

never mind, zoom it was.


This could well be what is going on in the background when the zoomed is changed, would make sense.

I had been staring at our forum most of the evening and when I spotted it I was like - gaaaaah!

I think I may have effected my zoomed when I was trying to use the underline shortcut and instead perhaps hit CTRL+-

I have reset myself to OCDCon 3 now :slight_smile:

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