Some users can't see all posts

Your topic and screenshot don’t say much.

Maybe the topic is in a category with restricted access?

Who are “some users”? Anonymous? Related to certain groups or trust levels?
Please provide us more information so we can help you :slight_smile:


So all signed in users cant see this except admins. This are posts created by user system. And there is no category.
This is how post looks like when I see it

Did you disable allow uncategorized topics after creating some topics with
without category? Just a guess but that might create unexpected behavior.


Yup I’ve changed it but stil it doesn’t work. Should I restart something to apply that setting?

I’ve investigated it further and it seams that only administrators have access to those posts. Even moderators don’t have access. And why can all users see those posts on homepage but cant see the content.

@Cro_Tech Try enabling the setting then move the topics then disable it again.

Bug I guess

Yeah but then I’ll have to reupload all the topics somehow.

I am not really understanding the problem. Maybe you can provide more information? Are the topics in a category users are allowed to access?

I’ve fixed it!
The problem was that those posts didn’t have a category so after updating it everting worked fine.

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