User cannot see newer topics

I have a user who is unable to see topics that were created recently. They are the only one having this issue, so I assumed it was a browser problem and had them clear cache, etc. but the issue remains. I tried impersonating the user and I am unable to see new topics either as this user.

As the admin:

As the user:

I also tried to visit one of the URL’s that the user cannot see and it says page cannot be found.

Another intersting clue, when viewing as admin I don’t see any errors in the console, but as the user I see all of these:

FYI this instance has no plugins, I’ve tried safe mode as the user to be sure, and it’s the same. I just upgraded to latest and it didn’t fix anything. Any ideas what is going on here?

It looks like this user just doesn’t have access to the restricted category. Please check your category permission settings.

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Indeed, I completely overlooked that, I’m not awake yet!

The member’s subscription expired in Memberful but they were still signed in and some categories were set to everyone and others were set to members so it was quite confusing. Thank you so much Linca, I love simple solutions!


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