Some users getting White Screens

Hey guys - some of my users are having difficultly logging in since I upgraded to the most recent upgrade. They all seem to be using iPhones and they are seeing a white screen. If they Google the site and find a link they seem to be able to access the site then. Using an iPhone myself with no problems.

I have just rebuilt the app, and asked them to clear caches, but has anyone else had a problem like this - apologies if this is a known bug. I couldn’t find a similar thread.



do you use any themes/plugins ?

Do you know the version of iOS people experiencing this white screen have ?


Hey - no themes, only using the ad plugin. I’ll ask them what version of iOS they have on their phones - i rebuild the app which seems to have fixed the issue for one of them.


I made multiple fixes for very old iOS versions yesterday, so that could be it :+1:


Could be, some of these guys are luddites :slight_smile:

Will get back to you with info when they answer.

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Apologies - one of them is reporting this issue on

“desktop and a Samsung phone”

They cleared the cache and still having the issue.

That is not enough information…

What is the exact browser version that is being used and reproduces the problem?


Another user says

Android, but I was also experienced similar difficulties using Microsoft Edge on a desktop PC.

I will ask for the exact browser version - but it seems to be across a range of devices/browsers, no one else having this issue?

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One user reporting issues with

Versión 80.0.3987.163 (Build oficial) (64 bits)

Another user Chrome:

I updated it just now to Version 81.0.4044.92 (Official Build) (64-bit) and still no joy.

They also tried Edge:

The version of Edge is 44.18362.449.0 and also functions with all other sites I use.

The site can be accessed and opened by a fresh Google search on Chrome but didn’t open on Bing from a search using Microsoft Edge.

Issues started a week ago since I last ran the upgrade.

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Can you give a link of your forum?

Also can you have your users try to copy paste browser console when they get white page please?

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Forum is here:

Thanks for your help - much appreciated.


I see some errors associated with my cookie consent script and google analytics

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Created an account, browsed quite some time on chrome and edge got not issues and site is quite fast.


Hey - sorry for the delay in getting back to you, crazy times here and been run off my feet - the forum works a dream for me and most users - just some users are getting a white screen if they go directly to the forum - if they google it and go via google it works, not sure why.

One guy gets the white screen on his phone, tablet and his laptop - other users have no issue at all. Suggesting it might be an ISP issue?

I’m going to try and install an SSL.


Okay so managed to install the SSL and it has fixed the issue one user was having on all his devices. also fixed that white screen issue for another guy who had it.

Waiting to hear from other users but looks like the missing SSL was the problem.

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Okay lots of feedback on my site that installing the SSL has solved the issue - thanks to everyone for feedback & help