Sometimes switching to a different color scheme does not work

My default color scheme is WCAG light. So, when I choose, for example, “grey amber,” it still looks like the light theme[1]. So, I visit and change the color scheme to “Theme default” and remove the tick to change it on all devices. At least for me, that makes sense because I don’t use grey amber on other devices. The preview still looks okay, so I save the changes. But after refreshing, the color scheme is WCAG light again.
It works to change the color scheme to “dark” with the same steps, so maybe it is related to “theme default”. To change my color scheme to default, I have to leave “change on all devices” checked. Is this expected to work like that? I have been caught in this situation multiple times.

  1. That always confuses me when I use the sidebar switch ↩︎

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