Sorry if this is a dumb Q, but how to I install/enable the fancy edtor?

Feels like the matrix :joy:

My self-hosted instance looks like this:

Looks like there has been a lot of discussion about WYSIWYG editors in the forums and I have found a few plugins, but I would like to know it’s implemented here?

Hello and welcome @Morganjackson :slight_smile:

I think you may be referring to the Preview screen? If you’ve tucked it away, you can display it again by clicking on the double chevron icon at the bottom of your composer. :+1:

expand preview

(though yours seems to be tucked under the reply button, rather than on the right)

@JammyDodger Thanks for taking the time to reply! :grinning:

it seems like I may have a different version of the editor? I’m also missing the editor toolbar options.

Oh yes, they’re missing too. The composer and preview on Meta are the standard ones. Have you got any plugins or theme components that may be interfering with your setup?

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Sorry, I should have included my version:

Ah, you are a few versions behind, which may explain it. There have also been a few security commits as well recently, so you should update to latest as soon as you can. :+1:


its a valinilla bitnami install:

Except for discourse-reactions which I only just installed.

I think the Bitnami install is currently capped at 2.8.6, which means that it doesn’t play well with updated versions of the plugins. Personally, I would consider moving to a standard install and restoring a backup there. Someone did mention a workaround in the data explorer topic, but I’m afraid I only really know about the standard install. :slight_smile: Bitnami may be able to offer you more specific help?


Thanks @JammyDodger I’ll look into a standard install :+1:

Looks like I have my weekend taken care of :joy:


No worries. :slightly_smiling_face: And if you need any help with the install you know where to find us. :slightly_smiling_face::+1:


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