Bug: Cannot remove a vote

I’m unable to remove a vote on 2.6.0.beta2 and discourse-voting 835b358 regardless of the device and browser. After clicking the “Voted” button nothing happens.

After some debugging, I see that it’s caused by the “hidden” attribute

I just started using Discourse with this plugin, so can’t tell when this behavior has started.

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This is happening on the infinite flight community. @schyllberg should have been a dressing the issue since it was reported today.

However, on my site it works fine as I tested it.

on the IFC a user stated it was at some point in July.

I believe this may depend on the version of the plugin. It was updated quite a lot in the first half of August.

I have reported it to the team member who worked on this.

Latest version of the discourse voting plugin is 0.5. I find it weird since Discourse updated the other day. Maybe didn’t update plugin :man_shrugging: anyway thanks for getting it fixed (for us) :sunglasses:

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I don’t believe in version numbers :wink:

We had a patch today, and then a larger update a few days before that which changed a few visuals.

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This is now working, we had a bug in the past that caused this.

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